Faux Fur Throws

by PoshPelts

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Faux Fur Throw Gallery

Russet Chinchilla Throw

Luxury Faux Fur Chinchilla Blanket

The Russet Chinchilla is one of our best sellers. This luxury faux fur throw vibrantly compliments any interior. It’s misty shimmer is stunning in the right light. It is 50" x 70” in length.


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Cougar Throw

Cougar Fur Blanket

The White Cougar is an exclusive PoshPelts product. It’s graceful ribbons of café-au-lait add a sweet warmth to its appearance. Its cozy fiber lining is any nappers dream! It is 55” x 75” and fits perfect on any sofa or bed.


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Red Fox Tail Throw

Fox Fur Blanket

The Red Fox Tail is PoshPelts’ most unique and prized product. It is “passionate” in every way. It’s stunning deep red streaks mixed with bold bourbon colors make it complimentary to any luxurious interior. It’s 55” x 65” length is perfect for tall nappers. don’t be surprised if it becomes the center of conversation during parties.

Limited time offer $249.00

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Beautiful black bear throw

The Black Bear throw is distinctively beautiful. Its luster is luring and majestic. The purple velvet lining on the back is not only glamorous, but also warm and comfy. This heavy furniture piece is sure to suit any luxury interior. It is 45” x 65”.

Regular $229.00

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Doubel sided chinchilla faux fur throw

Thought our signature Chinchilla throw couldn’t get any better? It just did. Now enjoy double the comfort with the double-sided chinchilla! The 1/2 inch soft silver-tipped give it a spiced-rum feel. It’s plush, energetic, and luxurious. It is 50” x 70” in size.


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Arctic Fox Fur Throw

Gorgeous arctic fox blanket

The Arctic Fox throw is the ultimate embodiment of elegance and beauty. Brown-tipped snow-white fibers give the 55” x 65” pelt an opulent feel. It’s warm design is luring.

Regular $249

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Racoon fur throw blanket

The Racoon Tail blanket is extravagant. It’s luscious long fibers are sensationally soft. It is ultra-realistic. The 45” x 65” throw is complimented by its matching pillow cover.

$169.00 Limited Quantity Available

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Leopard fur throw blanket

The leopard blanket is uncommonly beautiful. It’s cinnamon fibers shine in the light. Capture the beauty and grace of the Leopard with this 45” x 65” fur. A matching pillow is also available.


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